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Reinvent ERP!

There are things that make your business different from your competitors. So why manage those things in the same way your competitors do? The unique way your organization delivers added value, and evolves its ecosystem, deserves more than standard software or standardized procedures.

Modern business processes can't be kept within your four walls or within traditional ERP boundaries.

ERP must be reinvented!

That's GoodsMove's purpose

Thanks to cloud computing, ERP can be reinvented! First, in order to provide flexible, accessible and scalable solutions:

GoodsMove is a platform

This is important because it makes managing complex business processes simpler. Because it's a platform, it can be adapted to any process or logistics need. And the core of the reinvented ERP are:


The resources and the flows

Because that is what really matters. Design, control and adjust the flows of the resources you control, so you deliver satisfaction and added value to partners and stakeholders along the chain,  and great results to customers.

GoodsMove native Salesforce ERP Solution

GoodsMove native Salesforce ERP Solution